I READ the piece reporting on the inquiry into the voter ID rules brought in by the Conservatives (ID scheme ‘disenfranchises more voters than it protects’, Sep 12).

I imagine these rules are both vague and poorly drafted in such a way as be able to reject the maximum number of individual, with the tiniest clerical mistake being grounds for doing so.

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Also there will the possibility of severe penalties hanging over the clerical staff for accepting someone insufficiently documented. This can be expected to result in a heated confrontation with denied electors and even longer delays.

It has all the hallmarks of the disgracefully slow way asylum claims are handled by the Home Office.

What is to be done? What I have done is secured a postal vote. There is certainly more work setting them up than just strolling into a polling place, but this all happens well in advance of the election and once completed, one’s vote is secure.

David Rowe
via email