FOR a good long while I have looked on Angela Rayner with a kind of warmth so easily connecting with her no-nonsense voice, her words, and her many accurate statements on matters of public outrage. Two years ago, almost to the day, Angela Rayner spoke strongly about our lives under Tory government.

She said: “We cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute vile ... banana republic, vile, nasty, Etonian ... piece of scum.”

Phew! Saying it like it is, Angela! Go girl! Say it again and say it loudly. So now that inner thought of the many has become the daily outburst for us all when things “Tory” arise. Because it is true. Underlined.

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Come 2023, with Starmer having successfully cleansed the Labour Party of socialist values and persons, we now look askance at a drip-fed avalanche ditching nigh on everything Starmer promised he would bring with a Labour government. The fixing of wrongs and the social injustice remedies all thrown as pure rubbish into the grey bin for landfill. Vote for Starmer and it’ll be Labour reborn – looks like swapping a giant lie for a humongous lie. Just a lie. Suck it up, fools.

There is a flood of hard cash into Labour. Team Starmer wallowing in it like the Smaugy dragons they have been all along. Tens of millions this last six months and their golden shower has just got started too. Let’s think Labour with its completed pogrom of socialist values and people of socialist heart. Labour spinning at 5000 RPM it is U-turning so endlessly. Labour ripping up any notion of honour and probity.

It’s like watching the theatre of wrestling on television. The colours, noise and spectacle of strange men in stranger costume engaging in mock mortal combat. Although there can be casualties it is all rigged. Isn’t it? The semblance of reality is perhaps quite false.

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Government has always been well connected to corruption. Some things are beyond the pale though. I’d rather have blatant Tory corruption – thumb-your-nose-at-the-oiks corruption – as there is a kind of honesty in that. That kind of don’t-be-naive corruption as we are the Tories after all. Labour, though, this leaves a sadness now having to admit that what started with Blair is now complete with Starmer.

I note Tuesday’s article “Angela Rayner defends refusal to renationalise water, energy or rail” and I’m thinking that must be expected as the clout unions once had is now drowned by capitalist gold.

For Labour voters in Scotland and for all of us in Scotland we must recognise the severe danger Rayner’s words set out. The Labour Party and the approaching Labour government are and will be driven by the exact same capitalist machine driving Tory Westminster today. Office keys will be handed over, and thereafter try to spot the change.

The danger to Scotland with this approaching event has now been set out by Rayner.

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Labour will be Unionist with boots on. Labour will be capitalist undiluted. Privatisation of our dearly held Scottish public organisations will be planned. Water, rail, transport and NHS. The Scottish “region” will be subsumed into the greater swamp of the UK.

Over recent months Starmer has flown his true flag quite openly and received no opposition. Rayner has spoken words once thought anathema. Labour are out and ready, disguise removed. Scottish folk voting Labour now? Buckfastland. Numpties.

Angela – I thought so well of you, but now such thoughts and worry of betrayal. By the way, how does “Labour scum” sound to you?

Nick Durant