MONDAY’S letter by Donald Canavan is outstanding in that, by analogy, it succinctly highlights the pathetic image prevailing regarding Scotland’s position in relation to successive Westminster governments.

That any of our electorate – let alone 50% – are oblivious to the relentless exploitation of our people, land, sea and their resources, and ever-increasing imbalanced representation of that fact by UK-managed media, is as great a failing as any of the social needs caused by such exploitation.

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The rally and march in Edinburgh came over as a flame erupting from a fading but smouldering ember, yielding new hope and inspiration to all in attendance.

It is time to grasp the thistle, turn that flame into a bonfire of the effects of those past 316 years, be not afraid to see oorsels as Westminster projects us, and bring the truth into focus for all to see.

It is time to understand and feel inspired to be rid of the hideous smothering blight upon us, via an overwhelmingly successful independence campaign.

Tom Gray