BOTH Jim Taylor (Long Letter, Aug 30) and Neil Caple (Long Letter, Aug 31) are misleading regarding the LEZ exemptions. The exemptions are for cars that comply with the EURO4 (petrol) and EURO6 (diesel) emission standards.

As Neil Caple points out, the dates quoted by Jim Taylor are approximately the dates that these standards became mandatory for newly manufactured and newly registered cars. The dates are a useful rule of thumb but are only a rule of thumb.

Cars manufactured or registered after those dates should be compliant, however some cars manufactured or registered before those dates may still be compliant.

There are also a number of other exemptions. Transport Scotland has a website where you can enter your vehicle registration and check if your vehicle is exempt.

The website also provides a link to the LEZ RetroFit fund which provides grants to help micro-businesses and sole traders make non-compliant vehicles compliant.

Alan Thompson

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