IS Sandesh Gulhane living in cloud cuckoo land when he spouts out his usual absolute drivel about holding the SNP and Greens to account over their, in his stupid words, “shambolic management of the NHS”?

Has this clueless chancer no idea that despite being given nowhere near the amount of money that it needs to actually run our health services properly, the Scottish NHS is working major miracles in producing light years better results than anywhere else in these deeply unhappy islands?

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Has he no idea that it’s his stupid, crooked, reviled political party that holds the purse strings and is absolutely the one and only guilty party to blame here? Is he really so absolutely clueless?

Does he think Scots trying to win independence should stop trying to gain the chance of a far better life for us all and should instead just concentrate on which endlessly failing, cruel, stupid, corrupt version of the Tories they should be voting for to ensure Scotland literally never prospers from our own absolutely huge resources?

I really hope this clown gets his wish and gets a seat in Westminster so we see a lot less of him here and even more so because we wouldn’t have to regularly turn off our radio when he is yet again being given primetime radio on BBC “Scotland” to start his inane, anti-Scottish, nonsensical slavering.

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With imbeciles like Gulhane, Ross, Fraser, Wells, Sarwar, Mundell, Murray, Baillie and the like, is it any wonder people are completely fed up to the back teeth of being ruled by one of the most incompetent and corrupt governments of all time down in London?

Jeez, give me strength, how much longer do we have to wait to rid ourselves of these parasitical deadweights wrapped around our shoulders?

Iain K

PETER Thomson asked us (Letters, Aug 11) “what difference will the outcome of the election make?” Well, as regards the movement towards Scottish independence the answer is that by itself, a clear majority for the SNP at the General Election next year will make no difference, unless it is followed up by an effective strategy such as that being put forward by Believe in Scotland.

The assumption that a strong vote for independence in Scotland will change the attitude of the Westminster establishment, or the English Supreme Court, is ridiculous. The UK Government knows that the UK economy would be in big trouble if Scotland kept its considerable natural wealth for its own people, so they will do almost anything to stop that happening.

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So in that sense the somewhat naive view which comes from Humza is foolish. The UK Government, any UK Government, will resist Scottish independence as vigorously as they can, so if we want independence as Humza says he does, then we are going to have to make sure that we have an effective plan to ensure we are in a position to force the UK Government to meet our demands.

Fortunately our ancestors left us a rich historical legacy in Scottish constitutional law, which gives us a strong legal base from which we can secure our real independence, and again fortunately Believe in Scotland have given us clear guidance on how to use that plan in order to secure our political independence.

The election by itself will not secure independence for us, that is true, but a failure to win a clear independence majority of seats at this election will be very damaging to our cause. So make no mistake we must win a clear majority of seats at this election by uniting the independence vote around the SNP as a first step.

Once we have done that, we need to follow the route suggested by Believe in Scotland in an organised and determined way. If we do that we will secure our independence, but we will need to struggle hard, because the UK establishment will not give in without a fight. We, however, hold the trump card – we have the stronger economy, so if we take on the challenge we will win, and even at my late age, I might see an independent Scotland yet

Andy Anderson

MIGHT I suggest that, in expressing her disgust at the hypocritical behaviour of Westminster Home Secretary Braverman, Carol Vorderman has shown more compassion and concern for refugees and migrants than the Blairite Tribute Band with the trio of Cooper, Reeves and Lammy shadowing what were once the great offices of state, supporting their cardboard cut-out leader in remaining silent as human tragedy unfolds?

The facts are these: “Britain” accepts fewer refugees and migrants than the majority of countries in the EU. This unseemly haste to appeal to the perceived bigotry of the mass of English voters is appalling. It certainly does not reflect the communitarian values and basic human empathy of the Scottish people. All the more reason to leave the lowest-common-denominator populist clones masquerading as the opposition behind and demand independence now.

Marjorie Ellis Thompson

I AGREE with Old John in his letter in Saturday’s edition. You just need to look at the news stands in any store and the two usual culprits the Daily Mail and Daily Express are usually sat next to each other with a daily put-down of Scotland, whether it be the SNP or Scotland itself. It’s just the same day after day on repeat. If I can see that, surely the people who buy these anti-Scottish rags can!

Steve Cunningham

I OFTEN agree with the common sense expressed by Stan Grodynski of Longniddry but Tuesday’s long letter about “personal agendas” versus a rational strategy for independence convinces me Stan should immediately be co-opted by the Scottish Government as chief special adviser!

Derek Ball