SO, apparently, the reason Mhairi Black MP is standing down at the next election is due to the toxic atmosphere in the House of Commons. Yet she feels free to call women “Jeremy Hunts”, and now follows this up by suggesting anyone who has a different opinion to hers over gender identity is a Nazi and a fascist!

I don’t suppose there were extra security arrangements in place when Mhairi spoke publicly, unlike the situation with Joanna Cherry MP?

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Then again, all the violence in the trans debate comes from one side – that of the trans activists who recently attacked an elderly woman in Aberdeen, who have bullied, threatened and attacked women who won’t give up their rights to safe spaces. If anyone can be accused of bringing toxicity to politics, it is Mhairi Black.

Hopefully Ms Black will eventually grow up and understand that woman deserve safe spaces, and apologise for her hate-filled comments.

Sandra Hughes