READING the Wee Ginger Dug’s article on Suella Braverman and scoping Glasgow as a site for a barge made me wonder why they are not scoping ports in the south-east of England that are so much nearer to the points of entry and potential exit of these asylum-seekers.

Why doesn’t the Home Office anchor a barge on the Thames outside the Palace of Westminster so that the world can see the generosity of the UK Government?

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The Parliament Channel could be piped to monitors aboard the barge so that the occupants can see that this is a country of opportunity, where it is possible for them, their children or grandchildren to sit in government if their asylum applications are successful.

On second thoughts, Glasgow should approve the request for that accommodation barge so that people who have risked their lives in the hope of becoming UK citizens could meet others who have settled in Scotland where they have not been subjected to the levels of hatred and bile that are now acceptable in Westminster.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry