MALCOLM Cordell (Letters, Aug 3) clearly misunderstands my criticism of the First Minister’s activities on Saturday July 29. I was disappointed by Humza Yousaf’s choice to spend the morning in Rutherglen and Hamilton West campaigning to help bring about the by-election. At that point in time the outcome of the recall petition was unknown.

The SNP’s wish has sadly come true, a nationalist has lost her seat and the SNP now face a difficult and expensive election campaign. They will certainly need the “wee donation” Mr Cordell has sent them and many more. Much of the party’s time, effort and money in the next few months will now have to be devoted to campaigning in Rutherglen and Hamilton West. I wish them well but I wish it was not needed.

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I make no apology for my view that the obvious choice for Humza’s Saturday afternoon’s political engagement would have been to join the thousands of independence supporters on the AUOB march in Ayr. However he instead chose to attend and speak to about a hundred folk at a gay pride event. In doing so he has sent out a very clear message to the broader Yes movement.

John Baird