SO the ermine-clad comrade “Lord” George Foulkes has awoken from a comatose state. He was wheeled into the BBC studio to give another foul Unionist utterance, this time that Union is not one of equals.

Foulkes is a buffoon of no known talent or ability. His career consists of being an Iraq war propagandist for Tony Blair and bringing in Vladimir Romanov to Hearts.

However, in making this statement Foulkes inadvertently exposed Scotland’s role as a colony. A vassal state whose resources are plundered and whose democracy is ignored.

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He may be an embarrassment to them but is clear Foulkes speaks for the entire Unionist establishment. He is voicing in public what they say in private.

Foulkes has shown that the unelected failures, cronies and donors in the Lords’ plan to roll back devolution. Foulkes’s revelation should galvanise the independence campaign – a kickstart it needs to achieve the restoration of Scotland’s ancient right to self-determination.
Alan Hinnrichs