PERHAPS I’m taking an over-simplistic view, but it seems to me that the war in Ukraine is prolonged because of the slow drip, drip of weapons being supplied by the West.

Ukraine has been asking for F16s for many months and they have always been refused, yet I believe they will eventually be supplied. If only the West had just supplied what was needed from the start, I believe the war would already over.

The West claims that Russia can’t be allowed to win this war, yet Zelensky must continually beg the West for the weapons they need to make that possible. Why?

Sheila Le Mottee

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NAIL hit on head Sheila. Basically we do not have enough weapons or money to keep this up, America and the UK are the countries that keep saying NO to the peace deal that Zelensky had signed when Turkey’s President Erdogan brokered a peace deal 18 months ago, yet they keep blaming Russia for prolonging and escalating the war, and everything else for that matter.

Bob M