THE SNP MPs – and the party in general – are clearly out of touch with ordinary voters in Scotland. While many are struggling to heat their homes or put food on the table, MPs like Pete Wishart focus on the big issues: not enough flights to London!

Is life in Perthshire so perfect that it’s escaped the cost-of-living crisis or is Wishart yet again so out of touch with reality that he’s become a laughing stock?

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How can SNP members be expected to vote for the party again on failed promises of delivering independence when you have Wishart making a fool of himself with his focus on London flights!

I predict that unless something drastic happens in the SNP, an awful lot of members and supporters will simply sit out the next election. After all, when you can’t afford to feed your family, what do you care about how easy it is for Pete Wishart and his ilk to moan about travelling to their extremely well paid jobs!

Alex Beckett