I AM several days past my three score years and 10 and instead of looking forward to a referendum in October, there is to be a do-nothing talking shop in Dundee. My advancing age sees independence going over the horizon at breakneck speed.

While Sir Keir is promising us the same jam tomorrow that the SNP have been doing for years, the Unionist media has gone into overdrive telling us about the number of seats we are going to lose at the next election.

Do the people who are going to vote Labour not see a country crying out for something better? Are we to wait till us oldies die off? The time for action is upon us. PLEASE do something and never mind London.

We are in this mess because of a litany of poor decisions made by the SNP. First thing is for the members to take control as we should be making the decisions for the politicians to do what we say. Are they going to just wait until us oldies die off? GET A MOVE ON.

Old John