SO BBC Scotland has a biased agenda against the Scottish Government/SNP according to Dr Robertson of the University of the West of Scotland (Report ‘shows BBC Scotland agenda’, Jun 6). No surprise at this conclusion for most savvy Scotindy supporters and others who favour self-determination for Scotland.

The good thing about this particular report is that someone has taken the trouble to gather comparative research data and prove there is a clear problem with the way that the BBC goes about its business in presentations that are consistently repetitive, skewed and negative towards the Scottish Government compared with the likes of similar coverage in Wales.

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Why has such media skulduggery (not just the BBC by the way!) been happening in Scotland for such a long time? I think there is one glaring factor when one studies the political situation in Wales when it comes to the Welsh constitution and indy – THERE IS NO PERCEIVED THREAT TO THE UNION IN WALES! And, in comparison, Scotland’s position regarding the constitutional issue coupled with the right of the Scottish people to self-determination is undeniable!

There is now a huge chunk of our population that supports Scotindy and it is not going to disappear any time soon! Hence the difference in reporting bias and the highly questionable use of political opponents’ opinions regarding negative issues covering public services, transport and other attacks the BBC hierarchy can dream up and dictate to their colluding reporters based in Scotland.

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My biggest wish is that at least one BBC Scotland employee finally “breaks the mould” and becomes a whistleblower in revealing who are the main drivers of this never-ending assault on our democratically elected Scottish Government – blow the lid on this whole corrupt process of reporting as described by Dr Robertson! Let the whole populace of Bella Caledonia be aware of this conspiracy and the motives behind demonising and trying to weaken the foundations of devolution itself.

Is that sinister Britnat government group the “Union Unit” also involved in this political skulduggery? Where does it all end? It will eventually all conclude in Scotland becoming an independent, progressive country with church bells being heard in towns and villages throughout the country in great joy and celebration as well as relief for many people like myself. The big question is, “How do we do it?” The Scottish people will certainly have a big say in that final process and that’s a fact!

Bernie Japs

REGARDING Kate Forbes’s piece on disinformation and distortion of truth (Hard facts are only way to combat the black market of disinformation, Jun 7). The Labour Party have FREQUENTLY stated that the constituents of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have been deprived of representation in Westminster since Ms Ferrier’s Covid debacle. To the best of my knowledge, this is UNTRUE as Ms Ferrier has been a functioning MP during all that time, sitting as an independent.

On another tack, if we’re going to clamp down on disinformation we could start with the advertising industry, which mainly exists on half-truths, misleading claims, and the magic get-out-of-jail-free words “up to”, which makes any promises made before them meaningless.

Good piece by Kate.

Barry Stewart

I RENEWED my SNP membership for the sole purpose of getting a vote in the FM election. That did not go well as I voted for Kate. I read letters every day saying how sick members and others are of no action. I will not be marched to the top of the hill again with jam tomorrow promised. There is no jam and tomorrow will be just the same as every day since 2014.

We now have a weak FM who is not up to the job. The “give him a chance” cry is falling on deaf ears. Look at the talent we have wasting their time at Westminster. If any one of the top MPs had been in the FM election they would have walked it.

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I am totally fed up with the SNP’s lack of ambition and even more fed up of being trampled on daily by the Tories who might as well be Labour and vice versa. I was never a fan of a de facto General Election but I now see it as a necessity. We don’t even need a manifesto. One sentence will do it. Vote for independence. This would also negate some of the tactical voting that would surely take place in a normal election. Please can we just do something positive for a change that will take us over the line.


I WAS appalled but not surprised to read of Pete Wishart’s hostile reaction to the offer of co-operation from the Alba party.

For more than 50 years I was an enthusiastic supporter of the SNP, being involved in the activities of the party in the "frontier days" of the 1960s and 1970s. However, a few years ago I cancelled my membership as I realised that the gaining of independence was no longer the raison d’etre of the party with numerous mandates ignored. I recall Alex Salmond pointing out that it would be so easy to be sucked into the comfortable Westminster bubble. This is well illustrated by many SNP MPs including Pete Wishart, who applied to become Speaker and is also a vice-chairman of the Westminster Beer Club.

The behaviour of the SNP party suggests to me it is now the party of devolution.

Neil M Shaw