WHAT possible reason could folk have for voting Tory?

Perhaps they want Westminster to be able to defeat the will of the Scottish people at Holyrood. Perhaps they don’t care about the climate and think the Deposit Return Scheme is pointless. Why? The attack by Westminster on our devolved parliament seems almost as pointless as Putin attacking Ukraine. Both Sunak and Putin have no regard for either democracy or their policies’ ramifications for our climate and wildlife.

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In England the voters don’t even have the SNP or Alba as an alternative, and their first-past-the-post system means a Green vote is effectively wasted, unless you happen to live in Brighton.

It’s becoming clear to me that Westminster is crazily jealous of a Scottish Parliament that has good ideas. Their right-wing press constantly attack Holyrood when there is the vaguest suspicion that they might transgress as much as the Tories.

There really is no alternative to independence if our Scottish Government is to survive.

Tony Kime