TWO letters in Tuesday’s paper highlight the lack of progress in Scotland under SNP rule and are connected.

Michael Maclennan shows that the hierarchy, as exemplified by Toni Giuigliano, are more concerned to defray criticism away from the leadership and on to the wider movement.

Tom Gray highlighted the lack of significant land reform action, despite internal campaigning for change, it being left to a Labour MSP, Mercedes Villalba, to bring forward proposals for change.

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The two signify a lack of trust of the general independence movement and an unwillingness to tackle head-on some of the problems facing the country, by those supposed to be leading. Unless a change in implemented soon, the loss of seats is inevitable at the next election. Not through voting for other parties but by voters staying at home.

The leadership of the SNP has in recent years given the impression of being unwilling to undertake anything that disturbed a comfortable living. Instead, it merely tinkered around problems so as to be seen doing something but nothing too radical.

Independence can be forgotten about for at least a decade unless the leadership start leading in a more forceful and radical manner both at Holyrood and Westminster. Especially on things that ordinary folk can relate to.

Drew Reid