I HAVE spent the last few days channel hopping! Whether it’s TV or radio, as soon as the coronation is mentioned the channel is changed.

Yesterday I moved from radio to TV to a recording of Coronation Street. I couldn’t escape, the episode started with Sally (Union flags bedecking the sideboard) lovingly looking at a ceramic plate with Charles on it. You couldn’t make this crap up!

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On Radio 2, an old woman told us how when she met Charles he shook her hand. He’s just like us, she declared proudly. No he’s not! This man has never had to worry about seeing a doctor, unemployment, paying the bills, feeding the kids, paying for a holiday, his pension, clothing the kids, mortgage payments or redundancy, although I would hope he’s starting to worry about the last one!

When will the English in particular realise that they’re being taken for fools with this continuous brainwashing by the media and wake up and smell the food banks?

Steve Cunningham