IN common with the majority of the people of Scotland I find most, if not all, Tories loathsome! Joint top of the list at the moment is Lee Anderson and David Frost. My ire today is directed at David Frost. I do not believe in titles, especially unearned old boy network ones!

I have seldom read such arrogant, vacuous undemocratic cobblers than that from Frost. Does he think support for the SNP and independence happens in a vacuum? The SNP have been in government for more than 15 years with a solid democratic mandate from the people to gain independence from the UK. That is democracy, Mr Frost, as much as you and your party loathe it!

So it isn’t just the SNP or the Scottish Parliament that you dismiss so arrogantly, it is the population of Scotland! Your comments make it quite clear that the Tory government cares not one whit for Scotland, apart from plundering our resources that is!

The money we want from London is a larger more equitable percentage of what we hand over to the Treasury, till we achieve independence and have full fiscal autonomy!

When the UK Treasury no longer has Scotland’s wealth to fall back on, when the SNP achieve what we voted them in to do, we will see who is the real economic basket case!

Drew MacLeod