WESTMINSTER has reserved powers over energy policy and we all know the consequences of that. Outrageously high fuel costs and forced fitting of pre-payment meters, a policy that has just been reintroduced by Ofgem (unless you are over 85 years old) and approved by the Conservative government at Westminster.

Yet, someone is speaking up for energy-rich Scotland, the energy capital of Europe, and it is SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP, demanding more devolved powers for Scotland and highlighting energy would be a good starting point.

Scotland is rich in energy, extremely rich in renewables. So it makes sense for Scotland to have control over those vast resources and legislate energy policy for the benefit of the people of Scotland. Scotland is leading the world on renewables and making good progress on a “just transition”, but her hands are tied, unable to make major decisions going forward, always having to wait for Westminster’s approval.

We simply cannot carry on down this road.

Catriona C Clark