UNACCOUNTABLY, Paula Leon Garcia (Franco’s legacy still haunts us, Apr 6) has no mention of the crucial support of Catalan and Basque members of parliament for Pedro Sanchez’s coalition government in her review of Spanish politics. In any analysis of the rise of the far right, Vox etc, how could the Franco repression of Basques and Catalans be airbrushed?

I have recently returned from the Basque Country helping local election candidates of EH Bildu, our SNP allies. The growth of support for Bildu in countryside and cities is a testament to their hard work and socially and economically progressive policies.

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Our particular focus was on population retention and increasing skills in the Pyrenees of Nafarroa and in the south of Araba in the wine-producing belt north of the River Ebro.

Scottish readers require to understand how Esquerra Republicana, the Catalan left independence party, and Euskal Herria Bildu, the left-wing Basque nationalists, have deep fears of a Partido Popular and Vox government in Madrid given the Spanish dictator’s legacies.

Rob Gibson
Evanton, Ross-shire