An open letter to Jamie Hepburn, our new independence supremo

YOU will have heard the sighs and read of the despair across much of the Yes movement with the election of our new FM. Most see continuity as a disaster. However, he has appointed you to the most important position in his Cabinet. Hopefully you will do more than talk the talk and actually do something.

There have been articles about independence being delayed by ten years or more, but it can be achieved very quickly if you get Cabinet support to actively work with the whole movement. I am confident that we will all jump at the chance to participate and make independence happen. You need to be sincere and very proactive. So what steps should you take now?

First, set a date for an independence convention to be held in this autumn that includes all interested parties such as Alba, Common Weal, the Scottish Currency Group, Constitution for Scotland, Salvo, and many Yes groups that are working now for just such a convention. This is to plan who does what and by when, to get a plan put together for the transition to independence once we get a Yes vote. This could be done by task groups set to bring forward plans so that multiple actions can be carried out at the same time.

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Second, stop those pathetic white papers that the public will not read. They are too long-winded anyway. Get the Wee Alba Book and tweak it to include transition plans and rename it the Wee Indy Guide. Get a note to every home with the URL link and how to get free hard copies.

Third, have MPs be very very assertive at Westminster and disrupt the chamber. At Holyrood, talk up independence in every debate. Get the Cabinet up to speed with facts.

Fourth, communicate what the convention is doing to as many people as possible. The increase in communication will increase Yes support, Yes activity and Yes contentment. Create podcasts and blogs.

Fifth, when ready, get YouTube videos created on each topic and communicate their existence. Topics like future social policies, energy, pensions, currency, transition to independence etc.

Sixth, do not use civil servants for this work. They are not in your party nor are they knowingly Yes supporters.

These proposals mean cooperation and openness with others, an ability sadly lacking in the SNP since 2014. You do not even communicate with your own members and branches at present due to the removal of the National Convention and the altering of National Executive Committee nominations from members to cliques. Can you do this, can you motivate your party and the wider movement to achieve freedom and the ability to make Scotland a wealthy, healthy and wise independent nation?

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On funding, I believe if the funds are collected into an account not managed by any political party but by a admin group set up from the independence convention that people will find the money. It’s about trust and communication.

On timing, I think this could be done so the May 2026 Holyrood election would be a plebiscite election that we would win. Even if we are not ready with most of the transition planning and possible futures considered, we can complete this after the vote.

Westminster may say no. Ignore them, start behaving like a free country in every way, including setting up our own reserve bank.

Get on to the UN, as we can demonstrate we are ready and able. In the ideal world, get international observers to verify the vote. Prove we want our freedom back.

Aye we can, Jamie, and aye we must, Jamie. No more complacency, no more being feart, fight, fight for our freedom. We will all help, get us inspired, get us motivated. If you can do this you will be remembered in our history. Good luck.

Robert Anderson

I’D like to thank Andy Anderson (Letters, Apr 4) and others with similar suggestions and routes to consider. As always, Andy points out exactly what has gone wrong with the SNP and their total inaction. Too involved in governing and not an inch further on our independence. I still have the cuttings from letters by Andy and some others going back a year or two. He and others are doing a great job for us in the movement, It’s been very frustrating that the SNP do not show any respect for anyone outwith their leadership cabal. Some of the letters from SNP members of 50 years or more, leaving now, make me feel very sorry for them. Waiting for more of the same political plans from the SNP, just where will that take us?

Michael Maclennan

I AGREE with Angus H Shaw ‘s important point that nationalism and republicanism don’t always go hand in hand (Letters, Apr 5). However, following the death of our late Queen Elizabeth I (of the UK), some people might be thinking about ending te Union Of The Crowns. There are probably hundreds of descendants of Queen Victoria out there who might apply for the job of King or Queen of Scotland if that was something we were really happy to vote for.

Douglas Hunter
via email