AND so it comes to pass that Humza Yousaf is the next First Minister of Scotland. Congratulations to that man!

I must add that I admire all of the SNP leadership candidates, Humza, Kate and Ash, for having the courage to participate in this contest as the Unionist press/media assault against our First Minister and our democratically elected Scottish Government is not going to cease anytime soon. The usual barrage of angst and criticism predominantly dictated from another country, England, will continue regardless and I’ve previously commented this wouldn’t be tolerated in most other sovereign countries in Europe. That is what makes Scotland’s position unique in this regard.

So one must ask the question, how strong and accountable will our new First Minister be? Will our government still endure being a political punch bag under his leadership?

I think it has become abundantly clear that almost 50% of the SNP membership want change, and the Latin motto facta non verba fittingly describes what most of these members want to see from any new leader taking over the reins, eg too many mandates from the Scottish people, but too little action – all talk and promises/good intentions.

Therefore, I perceive we are heading towards a possible watershed moment for the SNP and the Scottish Government where political opportunities could eventually arise for other parties in the months ahead – all dependent on Humza Yousaf’s future decisions in government, how he runs the country and regarding his view of Scottish independence and how far he is willing to kick the can down the road.

With the Tories and the pro-Brexit Labour Party now essentially one and the same, it’s clear that real change for Scotland will never come from Westminster. And yet the complicit Unionist press/media, plus certain shameless Labour and Tory suspects, are bogusly touting their cautious optimism that they can now see political opportunities arising where they can woo lots of Scottish voters back to their failed two-party political comedy act while still decrying the Scottish constitution and deeming the Scottish people second-class citizens who have no right to vote on their country’s right to self-determination – a totally undemocratic stance that has been rightly vilified, and yet brazenly ignored by their colluding right-wing press/media hangers-on!

Under this Westminster government, built on sleaze and cronyism, we’ve had a decade of austerity, a disastrous Brexit, power-grabs on our devolved parliament, and now it is pushing people across these isles into fuel poverty by raising energy bills, despite having the funds to cut them.

As for the Labour party? Starmer et al are the hand-maidens to a Tory Brexit and ruling out ever looking to re-join the EU – consistently putting the interests of Westminster before the people living in devolved nations, just as the Tories have done. Hence I perceive possible political inroads could well open up for the Alba party, but a decision has to be made regarding the “elephant in the room”, ie the leadership of the Alba party. That must be changed, a cute political move to become attractive, an alternative to suit the new political situation that may well unfold in the months ahead – intriguing times unfolding in Scottish politics!

Ultimately, Scottish independence is the best way to shake off Westminster control, escape Brexit and build a stronger, fairer society as an independent country in Europe. All independence parties will play their part in achieving that end.

Bernie Japs