IT would appear there are new depths to which rUK can sink. It’s sinking through the pollution of politics by too many of its politicians.

There was former PM Johnson, a prime example of a narcissist who has evidenced his abilities to lie in the past. In 1988 he was sacked from The Times for fabricating a quote in an article and in 2004 he was sacked from government for lying about an affair with fellow journalist Petronella Wyatt.

Now we have his successor Ms Truss, a PM for 49 days (30 being official mourning for the Queen!), putting forward four people to be “ennobled” in the House of Lords. This would turn them into unelected legislators! Yes, happening here and not in North Korea!

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Those 49 days were devastating for the economy but for the majority of people that devastation wasn’t about some academic, theoretical paper. It was the practicalities of seeing mortgage rises that have left homeowners across the country struggling financially, adding to the increased monetary pain evidenced in oil, gas and food.

Rewarding failure is now standard practice, embedded in public life, only to be expected, no matter any signs of moral disgust coming from the public via newspapers, phone-ins or opinion polls.

Concurrently rUK doesn’t look too good abroad as it junks international law with the Illegal Migration Bill. What an irony since it is already being noted that under international law, certain measures within the Bill are actually illegal! Experts say it would break the UK’s obligations under the Refugee Convention, the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, and international human rights law.

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Not bad, eh? All that in one Bill. Cheap at the price when aligned to the Rwanda proposal.

Meanwhile, sitting MPs attempt to better their incomes with second, maybe third jobs to the tune of £10,000 per day!

With the Baroness Casey Review, that damning report into the Metropolitan Police, what trust is there in the Met? But it doesn’t stop in London, since police forces across England and Wales will also begin to re-vet their officers. It can only be assumed that we will see more police-related scandals emerging, adding to the erosion of public confidence in the rUK state.

And here we are, Scotland, tied up in that Union. It isn’t a just a Tory party issue. Take Labour (please do, as for away as possible). There was Starmer last week with his tag-alongs, Sarwar and Milliband, talking up our renewables as they attempt to outbid the Tories with lures, bribes of jobs, investment, green prosperity. Continued asset-stripping by any other name with the three numpties standing in a wind farm opened by the SNP and Scotland continuing to pay more due to a former Labour government’s transmission charging policy.

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Light blue Labour, pro-Brexit, still disconnected from pro-EU Scotland, the people and the political mood here. Deaf doesn’t cut it. There’s corruption, lack of trust, Labour in Tory clothing: not much has changed. Would, could Scottish voters fall for pro-Union parties at the next General Election? Surely not. Not the old trope that Labour needs Scotland to oust the Tories, nor federalism.

Just how deep does rUK have to sink before a Scottish majority has that lightbulb moment?

Selma Rahman

I’VE just seen a few pictures of Starmer, Sarwar, Milliband and one other Labour worthy dressed up to board a ship to go and see a wind farm in the north of Scotland.

It reminded me of a still from Ghostbusters, except these four are looking not for ghosts but for Labour voters in Scotland – what a wasted journey.

Winifred McCartney

IT is deplorable that any leader of the Labour Party takes a lead from Margaret Thatcher as Keir Starmer, Knight Commander of the Order of Bath, did last week and he has been duly criticised by Mhairi Black (SNP’s Black his out after Starmer says Thatcher ‘was right’, Mar 24).

On this occasion I cannot fully agree with Mhairi Black. There is no “lurch to the right”, just a steady slide in that direction down the slippery slope created by the liar Tony Blair. The Labour Party is now so far to the right of centre that some Conservatives are closer to the left than those at the head of the Labour Party.

Your priority is either to enhance the civil and human rights of those obliged to sell their labour or the product of their labour, or to promote the freedom of those who profit from the labour of others to amass greater wealth and power. Labour transitioned to the wrong side of this divide decades ago.

Scotland has the choice of being governed from London by one or other barely distinguishable right-wing parties or pursuing social justice with equitable civil and human rights for all as an independent state. I know which I believe is the best option.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews