I BRIEFLY watched Question Time on BBC One with the expectation there might be some reasonable discussion about the decision of the most effective politician of her generation to announce her resignation as First Minister of Scotland.

Boy was I mistaken! Poor Ruth Wishart had smoke coming from her ears at the ignorance of the rest of the panel, and the audience, about the Scottish independence campaign and the implications of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation.

Basically, the view of the panel – which included politicians from government and opposition as well as Private Eye editor Ian Hislop – was that the departure of the First Minister would end this nonsense, and England could get back to running the show, as is their right. Nanny knows best.

I’m not prone to fury, but I was raging at the contemptuous attitudes of these people who clearly see Scotland’s aspiration for independence only through the prism of their own self-interest.

I have worked for independence for a long time, and I, and I’m sure any other independence supporters who watched this insult, will be straining at the leash to get out there and finish the job for which Nicola Sturgeon worked so hard for so long.

Les Mackay