I OFTEN wonder at the wisdom of the SNP’s decision to form a coalition in the Scottish Parliament with the Greens. Their recent accusations that SNP MSP Fergus Ewing is “doing the bidding” of Alister Jack as a row over Scotland’s upcoming deposit return scheme grows only serves to confirm my fears.

The deposit return scheme led (if you can call it that) by Green minister Lorna Slater is currently set to begin in August and will see shoppers pay an extra 20p when purchasing drinks in a can or bottle. Ms Slater has faced criticism after it was revealed the government had not sought a single expert view on the policy from a country where one is currently operating. Given that fact, Fergus Ewing’s calls to halt this scheme should be at least considered.

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Ross Greer, Green MSP for West Scotland, said: “I thought former government ministers becoming mouthpieces for big business was a Tory thing, but Fergus has always been a trailblazer” and Green MSP Mark Ruskell, his party’s environment spokesperson, said Ewing was “doing the bidding for Viceroy Jack again.”

I may not always agree with Fergus’s views, but he was campaigning for independence, like many of us, long before Ms Slater, Mr Greer and Mr Ruskell were born. I seem to remember his mother did a wee bit of work on the subject! Slinging childish insults at what are supposed to be your political partners is not a great strategy.

The Greens have been instrumental in promoting the now dubious and divisive gender recognition legislation and continue to lead us towards some green dreamland with all our houses refitted with heat pumps at a cost of billions and leaving our remaining oil and gas reserves left to rot in the ground while our population shivers in their homes.

Brian Lawson

LIKE I said in my printed letter last week (three days before Mike Russell!) there is a campaign to smear and attack Nicola Sturgeon at every opportunity. On giving this more thought, it’s quite obvious that she’s not sleekit and sleazy like a Tory minister so they fear her reputation as a competent leader.

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What they are trying to do now, through their friendly useful idiots in the press and BBC, is to try and portray her as incompetent and they will do this likely by more Section 35s and misleading narration such as that with gender recognition certification. We really are too clever for these Unionist trolls, some of whom I notice seem to be infecting the readers letters page of late trying to spread unrest. Don’t fall for it, people!

Steve Cunningham

SO, Jim Naughtie said Nicola Sturgeon looked tired (The National, Feb 13). What on earth is misogynistic about that? What is politically sensitive about it? This hypersensitivity is what annoys me about the SNP. Always too ready to play the gender game, too ready and willing to be offended. If this is the Scotland you promise me, I don’t want it.

I have voted SNP for many years but this really puts me off. I want to live in an independent country but not in one where the population is being kept in line by a never-ending list of accusers and complainers.

I am the person I am, like me or not, please yourself. But stop the accusations and recriminations. If people are to be accepted and valued for who they are, that means all of us, not just those ready, willing and able to be offended!

Angus Shaw

ELLIE Gomershall (Scottish independence is no utopia – but UK is toxic, Feb 12) claims to have supported Scottish independence for several years. Why then the all-out attack on Alex Salmond, the man who has done more to progress our independence than any other politician alive, including the current occupier of Bute House?

Thanks to Alex Salmond we got a Scottish Parliament and the first ever independence-supporting government. While First Minister he ran a highly competent administration, passing legislation scrapping tuition fees and providing free prescriptions. He then delivered the 2014 referendum and came close to restoring our nation’s independence. Nicola Sturgeon paid tribute to his record saying: “Alex Salmond’s achievements as SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister are second to none. He led the SNP government and has given our country a renewed self-confidence ... the personal debt of gratitude I owe Alex is immeasurable.”

Indeed. Rather than attacking Salmond, those who jumped on the bandwagon after 2014 should be asking the current SNP leadership why no progress towards delivering independence has been made.

Leah Gunn Barrett

MY sincere apologies to Dundee’s Mr Malcolm Cordell in elevating him to the status of SNP councillor, and to the “real” Councillor Kevin Malcolm Cordell elected to Ward 8 of Dundee City Council in May 2022. Given Mr Cordell’s firm belief in the SNP’s current policy platform I think it was an understandable mistake to make.

Not everyone who is a bit out of tune with current SNP policy is a “Labour-supporting plant.” I have never voted Labour in my long life. I hope there will be a wee bit of room for honest mistakes, civilised debate and even dissent in an independent Scotland if and when we achieve one.

Glenda Burns

WELL done Rishi Sunak for protecting the UK from balloons. It’s a shame the First Minister isn’t as proactive. There’s one in south-west Scotland that’s been a nuisance for years. He’s called Murdo Fraser.

Ian Richmond