THERE would seem a distinct lack of clarity of purpose in the indy movement at all levels at present. This is evidenced by the notional dichotomy between the next step on the road to indy being either an electoral event or a Yes alliance “campaigning alternative” of some kind.

Perhaps some of the “thinkers” behind this need to explain what the point of any such campaign would be ... apart from proving unequivocally a numerically superior support for independence from the engaged Scottish electorate?

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This necessary proof cannot come from a larger number of flag-waving activists on yet another march or “summer of action”. Nor can it come from any number of sample polls. This proof can only come from the ballot box, which means an electoral event.

Any campaigning action in the next two years which is not pointed at an electoral event is a waste of resource, time and political capital. By all means create a programme of joint action, BUT ONLY AIMED AT THE OUTCOME OF THE NEXT ELECTION.

Gus McSkimming
North Ayrshire