TASMINA Ahmed-Sheikh has a good point (The UK has no right to our Stone of Destiny, Feb 8) – refuse to hand over the Stone of Destiny for the coronation of Charles III.

I would think it would be good to make a wee stooshie about handing it over with the rider that so many copies of the stane were made post-1950 “return” to Scotland that nobody knows where the wee magic stane really is or even if it still exists in its entirety!

So maybe say “aye, you can have it on loan and if Charlie wants to sit on a lump of sandstone he thinks is the wee magic stane, then let him”.

The main thing is that it’s oor stane – real or no – and will he be Scotland’s king? I doobt it.
Frieda Burns

IT’S a good idea to focus media attention on the lack of a democratic vote for independence but it will not happen due to the weaklings running the Scottish Government. They are feart to cause a real stooshie.

Charles should get crowned at Scone anyway instead of a wee behind-closed-doors ceremony in London.
Robert Anderson
via thenational.scot