WOULD an independent Scotland thrive or survive in today’s world of rampant capitalism, corruption, and puppet politicians? The Sunday National reports on a businessman (India’s Gautam Adani) who has just lost £100 billion and is still smiling. The UK’s share index nears 8000, helped perhaps by Shell’s record profits and dividends.

In the interests of all the population, how would we control giant corporations that dictate to our political leaders?

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The working man pays tax before getting his wages – no loopholes or offshore tax havens. The taxation system adopted by an independent Scotland must be fair to all whilst avoiding the danger of a flight of capital. Financial whizz-kids playing on their quantum computers can move money at near the speed of light.

Managing Scotland’s wealth and natural resources will be an example to the world of fairness, environmental caring and our ability to feed ourselves on good old porridge, mince and tatties.

Iain R Thomson