SHONA Craven’s Tuesday article heading hit the vacillating weather vane oan the heid under the headline ”How can anyone trust weather vane Starmer?” Indeed, how can anyone trust a straw-in-the-wind career politician in an imperialist party in an imperialist state, who say one thing in opposition and the opposite in power?

He has no clear aim, policies, programmes, principles, or any particular cause than day-to-day yah-booing acroass the flerr. Like Jeremy Corbyn, who had to resign as chair of the parliamentary CND because of his parliamentary support for Trident, he would rather speak to the DUP than the SNP and prevaricate and abstain on many SNP reforms that went further than his wishy-washy career “socialism”.

From Lords Wilson and Callaghan to Tory Blether, we always had token “lefties”, from Tory Benn to Michael’s left Foot, whose actual record in office was the opposite to that in power, which showed up their weather vane vanities. Lord “Sunny” Jim Callaghan in power also rained on Labour’s pretendy socialist parades in opposition, all the way to the glue factory shelter in the House of Lards, to keep them out of the reign.

Anyone who thinks of Labour as remotely socialist needs help, as all do who are not sure whether or not to sympathise with a Labour shady Knight’s predicament over the current gender bill. As one who thinks Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are the bees’ knees, I feel split down the middle over Sir Keir’s splits with his Scottish branch who voted for the bill. Or, is it all an act?

I go with the wimmen’s movement’s well-argued case on the issue, but support the SNP’s cause in that we cannot allow Wastemonster to overrule the Scottish Parliament, regardless. The desire for independence on the road to a Scottish socialist republic is stronger than that, or the British road to chauvinism’s blind alleys or climatic changes.

I have no wish to discriminate against anyone. When it comes to section 35s, P45s or ‘45 rebelliousness to crush, I’m agin the Brutish government and all their parties. Whether it be Covid parties in Downing Street, or the three amigo parties in the English nationalist parliament; Tory, Labour or the LibDem inbetweeners, you could not stick a public schoolboy fag packet between them.

Donald Anderson

HAVING seen the papers sent out by the SNP for their Special Conference on Independence it strikes me that they are about to heap folly on top of folly.

Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to take this issue to the Supreme Court was a major mistake in the first place, which gave status to that Westminster creation which it should never have had.

To proceed to attempt to get the SNP members to accept the findings of this court, in a formal resolution at conference, is another major mistake.

As I read the papers for the conference I note the following statement relating to the Supreme Court: “While the SNP respect the court’s judgement”, and from the actual wording of the resolution itself, “The current law is inconsistent with the above principles.”

Now if the SNP members were to pass such a resolution, they would in effect be accepting that sovereignty for the Scottish people and for their parliament rests in the hands of some 600 members of the Westminster Parliament as the English Supreme Court has announced.

Rabbie Burns believed that all lawyers were untrustworthy mouthpieces of the ruling elite. I’m with Rabbie on that one.

I have no respect for the claim that sovereignty for Scotland and for the Scottish people is in the hands of a bunch of unreliable and self-seeking Westminster MPs. That has no basis in Scottish history and it is unacceptable in the 21st-century in Scotland,

If Nicola thinks that this is acceptable to her, then she does not “respect” the Scottish people and their international rights.

If she believes that sovereignty for the Scottish people rests with 600 MPs in Westminster, why is she asking the Scottish people to vote at all on this issue? Their opinions are irrelevant to our sovereign masters who have a vested interest in plundering Scotland.

If we are ever going to have an independent Scotland it must start by acknowledging our heritage of sovereignty resting with the people in Scotland. We can only ask for our human rights from the United Nations it we start by acknowledging them ourselves.

Andy Anderson

I “FORCED” myself to listen to Alister Jack at Westminster and was horrified. He rushed through his statement, with zero passion or conviction (had he even bothered to read it in advance?), and under questioning showed he was either too arrogantly lazy or too stupid to master his brief (or both). His performance was incredibly disrespectful both to his constituents and to the people of Scotland. It was actually quite disgraceful.

Jean Dunlop
via email