BY Thursday fat cats will have already been paid more than their workers will earn over the coming year. Note that I use the two words “paid” and “earn”. There is, of course, a huge difference.

Why is it that a CEO is paid over a million pounds a year? The reason always given is that it’s to “attract the best candidates”. So why is it that in order to attract more nurses and doctors to work in the NHS the Tories refuse to pay them a living wage? Whatever happened to supply and demand?

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There is a good deal of confusion between what folk are paid and what they earn. It was revealed yesterday that if you’re working-class you have to stop working an average of 20 years before your boss. I wonder why. Could it be that our bodies are simply worn out by manual labour? Workers are the people who have to earn their living. They are not paid to sit in an office wondering whether or not to sack someone so they can pay their shareholders a bigger profit.

Sunak is now threatening to make strikes illegal. He wants to sack strikers. How will that help NHS recruitment, does he think?

Tony Kime