AS a lifelong trade unionist who is now retired and enjoying the pension benefits I now have, thanks to the trade union movement fighting on behalf of the workers, I am stunned that neither the TUC nor the Labour Party have taken issue with this Tory government paying British soldiers an extra £20 per day to do the jobs of striking workers, who have every right to withdraw their labour to seek better pay and benefits.

In my opinion, by accepting such payments military personnel are now supporting a Tory government’s political attack on the workers of this country who are on strike.

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If the Tories get away this, what’s next? Will they ask the troops to dress up as policemen and physically oppress the strikers? Been done before, so I am told.

Our troops should never have been put in this position, but where are their leaders when they need them?

If this is the way the Tories want it, gloves off TUC, call a national strike and force an election.

I Archibald