I WAS somewhat encouraged to read your article “Fresh campaign for post-indy basic income launched” (Nov 29). This campaign is very welcome amidst the cost-of-living crisis and would benefit millions.

Some 15 months ago Scotland hosted the largest Universal Basic Income (UBI) conference ever held. Scotland has shown the way, taking the initiative regarding tackling poverty. We have introduced the Scottish Child Payment for under-16s, benefitting the households of eligible children by £1300 a year. Scotland has already had four local authorities pilot research into introducing a UBI, and I believe a steering group was established six months ago by the government at Holyrood.

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A UBI not only gives a guaranteed income to households, it has so many positive knock-on effects, allowing people to go out and mix, spend and boost their local economy, tackle loneliness and isolation, ultimately benefitting our health services.

With Covid lingering, winter flu likely, and the cost-of-living crisis, there has never been a more urgent time for a UBI to be introduced. The Scottish Government unfortunately do not hold the levers of power on this one and the Supreme Court put any notion for action on this one on the back burner. Can Scotland afford not to have full welfare powers devolved with immediate effect?

Catriona C Clark