I HEARD it first on the radio and could not believe it, so I checked further and lo and behold it is true: MPs can claim expenses for staff Christmas parties (but not the booze).

Have parties not caused enough concern without this? These are the MPs who voted against free school meals for pupils, who took £20 away from Universal Credit and have wasted billions on PPE, Covid fraud, battleships that can’t get past the Isle of Wight, contracts worth millions given to pals and a Chancellor who did not hedge British debt, costing the taxpayer millions, and I could list many other things.

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How come the BBC in Scotland never mention any of the above but are very keen to cast slurs on the Scottish Government – and even when Ofcom finds that the BBC was biased when interviewing Baroness Ruthie they refuse to publicise it? They are getting away with all their bias in plain sight and are not one bit concerned about it. After all, they are just the Westminster government mouthpiece in Scotland and more and more people are catching on to their deceit – impartial they are not.

Winifred McCartney