THE website comment from Alistair Barron in Friday’s edition that “pensioners on the basic state pension are going to start paying tax” is not correct because the basic state pension is so mean.

Although the Personal Tax Allowance of around £12,500 would suggest that that is the minimum needed to live on, my husband’s full basic pension is £8742.76 per year – nearly £4,000 below the tax threshold.

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For the same reason – the meanest benefits, pensions etc in Europe – increases of 10% are not worth very much. These are things already paid for by National Insurance contributions and therefore a right that should never be “sanctioned”.

It is time for a land tax to be introduced in Scotland to help support those on the smallest incomes, that the pumped storage hydro schemes are run all day, instead of five minutes a day (only when the price is high) and that people in Scotland got some benefit from them instead of paying more for electricity generated in Scotland than Londoners who already benefit from the “London allowance”, also paid for by us.

Susan FG Forde