A COUPLE of weeks ago, I said that as the Supreme Court hearing and the Truss Omnishambles were over, it was beginning to feel like a calm before the storm.

Well folks, the storm has been forecast for Wednesday, November 23.

Behind the courtroom doors, the judges deliberated for 5 weeks on the historical verdict concerning Scotland's right to hold a second referendum.

Behind the scenes of the Yes movement, activists up and down the country have been mobilising.

10 areas are to host a rally - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Inverness, Aberdeen, Inverurie, Skye, Dumfries, and Selkirk.

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A whole bunch of speakers are being confirmed this week and I can tell you from what The National has been told - no matter what rally you go to - you are going to hear some inspiring chat...

Musicians are tuning up and the worlds media will be tuning in. Its a key moment in the journey of our nation and international media will be looking at us. What do we, a movement, want them to see?

Personally, I'll be in Edinburgh. I went along to the demonstration at Holyrood to mark Scotland leaving the EU in 2020, and it was phenomanal - the energy was electric, the reaction was raw and Europe felt that. 

Time for Scotland, the umberella term for the steering group organising, said on Wednesday to "text or Whatspp, or message three pals today and tell them where you will be and ask them to chum you".

Have you done it? Sometimes it just takes one person to make a domino effect in their circle for something like this.

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Yes groups are creating their placards and banners as we speak - you don't have to though, your presence and voice is all that is needed to make an impact on the world stage.

If you are hesitant about going along to your local rally, don't be.

One activist said this week "if Scotland ever needed her old and new Scots, it's now". Never have we heard truer words.

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