THE date for the judgement on the Supreme Court case on indyref2 has been revealed. 

It will be announced on Wednesday November 23 at 9.45am. 

The Scottish Government took the UK Government to court to discover if they could hold a referendum on independence without Westminster's consent. 

The Court announced the date on Twitter on Wednesday morning, three weeks after arguments were heard.

The judgement wil be live streamed on the UK Supreme Court website.

Prior to announcing the challenge the Scottish Government was making, the First Minister said she wanted the question of whether Holyrood could legislate for a referendum to be taken out of the realms of political argument.

What does each outcome mean? 

Should the court rule in favour of indyref2, it will mark the beginning of the road to a second independence referendum. 

This is currently scheduled to take place on October 19 2023. The question will be the same posted to voters in 2014: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 

However, should the court side with the UK Government, things become more complicated.

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Nicola Sturgeon has previously said that the law would prove the “notion of the UK as a voluntary union of nations is a fiction”. 

She then laid out a position which has caused significant debate. She said the SNP would fight the next General Election on the “single question” of Scottish independence if the referendum bill was blocked. 

Planned Protest

A website was unveiled by National columnist Lesley Riddoch which will allow Yessers to assemble for a spontaneous protest planned for the delivery of the Supreme Court’s judgement. 

The site allows supporters to enter their contact details so they can be notified of the decision. 

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Riddoch said the moment must be marked by a public demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament. 

The website can be accessed HERE