I’M watching BBC The Sunday Show hosted by Martin Geissler, and as I write a note to you Mr Geissler is interviewing Keir Starmer.

I felt some surprise and indeed a bit of pleasure when Geissler proceeded with very concise questions to Starmer basically pinpointing Scotland’s eternally clear voting for another referendum and Scotland’s near-permanent support for the SNP’s mandate.

I am shocked beyond shock at Starmer’s weasel words in reply. I am appalled at Starmer’s twisting and turning and I am stunned by the lying dishonesty of the man.

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Of all the awful politicians the UK has been subject to this last few decades I had no real opinion of Starmer. Not thinking about his character as “Hooray Henry”, which doesn’t fit, but more “Tim Nice but Dim” despite his professional legal abilities. Anyway, an OK guy but not much there for leadership.

This morning I have undergone a total reversal of tolerance for Starmer. We have all witnessed through many years that there are powerful currents in the UK and Westminster that all senior politicians hoping for office must fit in with, gain approval from and etc. All of it having nothing to do with votes and democracy.

Starmer has clearly sold himself. He’s working for a different master now.

If you missed this event, I urge you to watch it on the BBC iPlayer. I hold such anger. Keir Starmer has embraced Westminster scum and is vomiting it back on us in torrents. What this means for the wider Labour Party I don’t know, but there is now no hope whatsoever for the UK.

Nick Durant

KEIR Starmer’s blindingly obvious contempt for democracy was laid bare on The Sunday Show for all to see when for once a BBC journalist – Martin Geissler – asked him with some vigour about Scotland’s ability to leave the Union. He accepted that the Union was a voluntary arrangement, but could not and would not say how Scotland could escape, even if the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the legal right to hold a referendum.

He kept banging on about his priorities, which were based entirely on English policies, and he seemed completely ignorant about Scotland’s needs. His policy priorities were a carbon copy of Tory policies: reduce immigration, no freedom of movement, no return to EU. Hats off to Martin Geissler for exposing the Unionist policy for what it is.

Peter Winning

SPEAKING on BBC Scotland’s Sunday Show, Sir Keir Starmer said record waiting times in Scotland’s hospitals should be pinned on “every billboard across Scotland.”

If he paid more attention to what’s happening in Scotland he would know that health service waiting time figures in Scotland are on every TV and radio news report, discussed in interviews several times daily and in every newspaper – there is no point in pinning them on “every billboard across Scotland”. There is an anomaly as Scots know little about the situation in the rest of the UK because the waiting times in England, Wales and Northern Ireland rarely appear in the Scottish media.

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Surely the Labour and Tory parties should pin the figures for the Labour-run health service in Wales and the Tory-run health service in England on “every billboard across Scotland” so that the Scots can see how the opposition parties are running these vital services in other parts of the UK compared to the SNP in Scotland.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

I WOULD like to welcome presenter Martine Croxall back to reading out the news on the BBC, as she in my opinion has been victimised by Tory bias at the BBC. She was suspended for 12 days for so-called anti-Tory comments when presenting The Papers on October 23, based on the misleading complaints of senior Tory MPs.

When Emily Maitlis gave the James MacTaggart Lecture back in August in Edinburgh she warned that there was now an inherent Tory bias in BBC news and current affairs. She said there was an “active agent of the Conservative Party” dictating editorial policy. Sir Robbie Gibb, a BBC board member, is a former director of communications for the Theresa May Tory government. He is one of nine appointments by the Johnson government out of 12 BBC board members, showing that this Tory bias is true.

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I actually valued the BBC for many years for entertaining, educating and informing the public in the Lord Reith tradition of impartial public-service broadcasting to the four nations of the UK. That has long since disappeared.

We are left with a BBC that prioritises short-term survival at any cost by being deferential and servile to the interests of the Tory government at Westminster at all times. No wonder so many Scots in the Yes movement rightly refuse to pay the extortionate BBC licence fee. The BBC is no longer impartial and fair and can no longer be supported in its current form.

Sean Clerkin

THE SNP wasted six hours on Wednesday talking to an empty House of Commons. Only 38 MPs turned up for work. What a totally pointless place and what a waste of time being there. Could someone from the SNP please tell me what laws their votes have been crucial in passing and what measures they have prevented by sitting there?

It would have been far more effective if SNP MPs had been on the streets garnering support for dependence.

Ian Richmond

DURING World war Two there existed a puppet state government in part of France known as the Vichy Government, in thrall to its fascist right-wing overlords. In modern times we have a government in Westminster in thrall to its billionaire right-wing chums. Perhaps we should anoint the PM with the soubriquet Vichy Sunak?

Dave King