THE Tories are always a clown show and the wheels are at last coming off the goofy car but the never-ending crash is not sending any of them to hospital. Far from it – such people being well air-bagged for a personal soft landing.

Now, looking at Starmer and his efforts to promote Labour into something electable, he has painted himself into the worst barbed-wired corner on Brexit. There’s a guy who must be sweating buckets now and Starmer faces a great test. Can he extricate himself from his pledge to make Brexit work?

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I don’t think so. With so much unreal Tory trauma, there’s still no sign that Starmer and colleagues have any ability to fix the damage done to the UK, nor can they fix anything Brexit. Starmer never displays any kind of strength to face down the enemies of the state nor does he display superior intellect despite his well-grounded prior work life. Then there is the potential for a Labour Cabinet – such a low-down sleeping in the trenches crowd, who and what are they?

What a mess.

It bothers me that independence polls continue bouncing around 50/50. It bothers me there are maybe 50% of Scots who remain so intransigent or wrong-thinking or afraid. It’s something I never thought was part of the Scottish character.

Nick Durant