IN the much-missed TV show Minder, there was a character named “Self-inflicted Syd”. When Arthur Daley asked Tery McCann why he was so called, Terry replied: “Clock the stripe on his boat!” referring to a scar left by a razor slash which had been self-administered “so he could look ‘ard”.

Self-inflicted reminds me of the Tory party and those who voted for them. They gave us Brexit, the root of all evil to the whole world except those who voted for it. And now they rain down on every poor person on these islands – including those responsible for their obscene majority – anxiety, misery and poverty.

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The leaders are clueless but their sinister puppeteers know exactly what they are doing, and they have done rather well out of their scheming and evil control. We can assume the leaders have been promised personal milk and honey. Did the Tories do this to look ‘ard? Certainly there was that with Brexit, even thought they are as soft and pathetic as Syd, but I don’t think even they could say why they did what they did on September 23. God help us.

Jim Finnie