WHILST some of us have to suffer in silence at the institutional mass sycophancy on the death of the Queen of England – for that is how she was viewed at home and abroad – others may actually wonder if it is also the beginning of the death of monarchy and the Great British state as we ken it.

The monarch is still the head of the British state, the armed forces and the Church of England. The CofE is the official religion of England and de facto its minion stateless nations. Scotland had its regal union of 1603, whilst Wales, Ireland, and Cornwall for that matter were taken by open conquest. After destroying the Welsh Prince Llywelyn, Edward Plantagenet promised the Welsh a prince who spoke no English. He held his newborn baby son above the parapets of his Welsh castle to pronounce him the Prince of Wales, declaring Wales to be a “principality”.

Welsh nationalists and Welsh republicans remain as offended by this fa’se title as Scottish nationalists and republicans do at the fa’se title of Elizabeth II of the “United” Queengdome. In the words of the Scottish republican song: “Nae Liz the wan, Nae Lillibet the Twa’, Nae Liz will ever dae, for we’ll mak oor land republican, in the Scottish breakaway.” or the other prophetic republican song; “Cherles the Furst, he was beheidit, Cherles the Second, he succeedit, Cherles the Thurd, he’ll no’ be needed. Lucky wee Prince Cherlie”.

Charles is not quite accepted by many of the English peasants who still worship a fairy Princess Di, the “people’s friend” and “queen of hearts” against poor divorcee Camilla. This on its own will weaken the monarchy, as well as Cherlie’s well-known liberal green views.

Edward I created his own false constitution by hiring his clerical scribes to invent a false and ever-changing definition of Pax Britannica and his claim to Scotland and the rest. He then borrowed ten times the national income from Jewish merchants, who were not allowed to own land, to build Welsh castles and suppress Wales before conquering Ireland and attempting to conquer Scotland. He “Welshed” on the deal and scapegoated Jews for every false crime imaginable before deporting them to the European mainland. His ship’s captains would release their human cargo onto sandbanks to allow them to “exercise”, before departing and letting them drown as the tide came in. Prince of Wails, or the chook o’ Rossy, indeed!

Henry VIII created the Church of England when he wanted his nooky. There was no Reformation in England as such. The Welsh preferred Methodism and the Irish might have gone with the Reformation in Northern Europe if they were not ruled by Anglicanism. The Scots Presbyterians fought other Cherlie’s monarchy and the Divine Right of Kings in the “Bishops War” when he tried to impose bishops on the Scots’ Presbytery and then fought Cromwell’s British republicanism. Cromwell committed worse atrocities than he did in Ireland, including letting his troops run amok for four days in Dundee, worse than Drogheda. The Cameronians (my old regiment) declared themselves Republicans. They became the only regiment in the British Army that refused to toast the monarch in the officer’s mess.

The new King is still the Head of the CofE, which makes him a God, as well as dressing up for dinner in various military uniforms. So, who else supports monarchy in Scotland apart from the Lib-Lab-Con? There are the grannies who follow the royal faimily like a soap opera. The younger generation is leaving all religions and monarchs in droves.

Like all heads of state, oor Nicola has to be diplomatic. AUOB, Hope Over Fear and all political parties have suspended public activity during the Queenfest and orgy of media mourning. The tame unions have suspended themselves and the only union the loyalists have to worry about is the Union of 1707. Thig ar Latha. Oor day will come.

Donald Anderson
Cross Party Scottish Republican Socialist Movement