THERE has been conjecture fomented in recent weeks by the right-wing press and Unionist parties that Nicola Sturgeon is planning to step down as First Minister.

This speculation – or wishful thinking – has been refuted in the strongest possible terms by Ms Sturgeon. She has come out fighting and stated that she has seen off three prime ministers (plus Ruth Davidson and Jackson Carlaw) and plans to see off a fourth.

The First Minister has said Liz Truss will be a “disaster” as prime minister if her premiership is the same as her campaigning. This spirited retaliation by Nicola Sturgeon to recent remarks made against her by Truss will fill the right-wing press and Unionist parties with dark despair.

Why? Because they fear Nicola Sturgeon, they fear her competence which they can’t equal, they fear her matchless, indefatigable, expansive statesmanship which they can only envy. They fear Nicola Sturgeon because she has comprehensively dismissed the idea that she will be stepping down as First Minister in the near future.

Sandy Gordon