MANY people may agree with Liz Truss that “profit is not a dirty word” but nobody challenged her about profiteering, which according to the dictionary is “taking advantage of an emergency to make exorbitant profits”.

Ofgem should be instructed by Westminster to freeze the energy cap and cut standing charge to pre-pandemic levels. Why Scotland’s electricity should be linked to gas prices is a mystery, since 65% of our power now comes from renewables according to Scottish Government statistics.

Mike Underwood

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THE privatised utilities raise prices to the point where their captive customers can’t afford to pay. So the government gives those customers the money to do so, this money coming from tax on the huge profits of the utilities. It’s a kind of financial merry-go-round.

The customers could be missed out of the loop, and the government could just give their rich-kid friends money directly, and make them keep utility prices at reasonable levels.

Capitalism at is most efficient.

Malcolm Parkin