I READ your article “Look at Dover ... and then look at Ireland (July 30) and was left wondering what is happening across the Channel, in Calais.

After all, if the French are responsible for the chaos in Dover, then I assume the British are responsible for Calais. Is it the same chaos there, and the British press ignoring it?

If it is going without incident, then what is happening there that is not happening in Dover, and who is responsible? If it is the British then why are they not claiming the credit? And if it is the same chaos who is at fault? Surely not the French.

So can someone tell me what is happening in Calais?

M Steedman

via email

I WATCHED the PGA Seniors and I have never seen so

many grumpy old men totally privileged to be able to make money from a game they supposedly love. I quickly switched to the ladies’ open where they all seemed to be enjoying it. Do the golfers selling their souls to the

Saudis realise the evil they are associating themselves with?

Bill Lossie

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