I WAS reading in Saturday’s National the latest All Under One Banner intention to demonstrate at the Tory leadership hustings in Perth and my immediate reaction was, “What a great opportunity to absolutely swamp this event with thousands and thousands of like-minded Scotindy supporters on Tuesday August 16”!

Note the date of this hustings event – one can clearly perceive that this arrangement is another typical cynical Tory one where they have deliberately chosen a working day at a location reasonably far away from the public gaze to associate with a minority group of Tory party backers/members in Scotland who have some kinda privilege to participate in the most archaic and undemocratic process to choose a new “conveyor belt” Tory leader of a country.

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I’d suggest to the organisers of all the Scotindy factions to give this event “special treatment” in publicity and strong encouragement to travel up to Perth and turn this shameless Tory roadshow into a Scotindy rally. The complicit Tory newspapers/media will undoubtedly try to suppress and hide such a huge demonstration from the British public. This is the nasty political climate we sadly live in now and it ain’t gonna change anytime soon with either of these undemocratic charlatans, Truss or Sunak, in charge of such a desperate and horrible Tory government.

Bernie Japs

SO now we have it – the BBC gets its knuckles rapped over the Ruth Davidson interview, 18 months after. Fat lot of good that is.

Tory lying is endemic. Ruth is allowed to say what she likes without anyone questioning her or asking for evidence – so what is new? Boris has been doing it for 57 years and has been fired from every important job he has held because of his lying.

We have Tories on TV right at this minute blaming everyone else for the queues at Dover without any mention of Brexit and with no journalist or commentator mentioning the B-word.

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We have a shadow Thatcher and a True Blue on TV just saying what they believe will win them votes from Tory faithfuls, and still no-one asking any awkward questions.

But when an SNP spokesperson comes on TV or Radio they rarely are allowed a whole sentence without an interruption.

And the opposition in Westminster cannot lay a glove on the Tories during the most corrupt government in recent history. Starmer is not a leader – he is vague and slow and unable to think on his feet. He has now left the EU, free movement, single market behind, he does not want public ownership of national assets and has asked Gordon Brown to look again at devolution. Heaven help us. Labour were willing to give less to Scotland in the Smith Commission than the Tories – so we were fooled once but never again.

And where is the BBC in all this? It is at the moment a permanent Tory soap box with no in-depth questioning of the two PM candidates and no opposing views on anything.

Winifred McCartney

AN emphatic NO from both Sunak and Truss to the straightforward question “Has the travel chaos anything to do with Brexit?” confirms the incompetence of both due to their inability to see the error of their ways – oh so typical of their party and supporters, whose interests are invariably confined to their own comfort zones and bank accounts rather than the millions in dire need who their party presumes to serve.

We have recently been relieved of a wholly incompetent leader and with those two similarly dishonest and in denial, we are now heading toward the prospect of no better.

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Alas hey ho, up steps a heavyweight Tory-donating billionaire with a 10,000-strong petition to have the recently removed leader included in the ballot alongside the aforementioned two.

One has to wonder, do such as those 10,000 presumably comfortable in their respective zones, see Johnson as a welcome distraction from the tedium of UK politics, perhaps even his return giving them hope that there is life after death? Death itself being perhaps the only unwelcome certainty they experience in life as opposed to the hunger and poverty experienced or awaiting millions under this government.

Tom Gray

THERE is speculation, if only by the British press and media, that Boris Johnson wants to stay on as leader of his party.

This unwelcome news is given some plausibility backed up by 10,000 Conservative supporters, or gluttons for punishment, signing a petition to keep him in office.

Former Tory Treasurer Lord Cruddas is demanding a yes/no vote on whether Johnson should go. Cruddas said that the decision to oust Johnson was “undemocratic.”

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Aspirant for the top job Liz Truss has been coy about whether Boris Johnson would have a role in her government if she became prime minister. Rishi Sunak, the other contender for the top job, has been far more forthcoming about Johnson. Should he become prime minister, Sunak has made it quite clear that there would be no place for Johnson in his government – that ship has sailed.

Boris Johnson’s last words at PMQs, “Hasta la vista, baby”, weren’t even hasta la vista, maybe. It was just vengeful and spiteful Johnsonian bravado aimed at those within his party who plotted his downfall.

Given Johnson’s feeling of entitlement and expensive taste in just about everything, for example the outrageous cost of refurbishing his No10 flat, it’s unlikely he wants to stay on with a role in government.

Boris Johnson has said in the past that the salary of a prime minister is inadequate and that he could make more money outside of politics with his writing.

Sandy Gordon