WHILE its not fun to sit in a car with fractious children – hour on hour – I wonder how many freight drivers and families are regretting their Leave votes. How may watching the news will also reflect on their disastrous vote to leave the EU?

No more simple travel to EU countries – not unless you are willing to wait in a confined space for hour on hour. How much freight is perishable and so will be huge losses to suppliers?

Some of these losses potentially resulting in bankruptcy at worst, loss of custom and probably huge financial burden.

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This is all at the feet of Boris – who on his red bus promised savings and salvation by leaving the EU. What a mess as he shouts “hasta la vista” to the braying mob of Conservative MPs – delusional self-belief by the bucket-full and never a backward glance to the the poverty and disarray he has left the country in.

In a way I regret his going as he did the cause for independence great service, but judging on the two clowns – one of whom will be the next PM – I live in hope they carry on the good work started by Boris. Roll on Scotland’s independence!

Frieda Burns

SOB, sob! How dreadful, having to queue for hours at Dover to cross to France for a holiday, because France has not put on the necessary extra staff to cope with the numbers. How inconsiderate of them! Nasty foreigners!

Was this not what the English, by a majority, voted for, or did Leavers expect the EU to make special arrangements to allow us to keep the bits of our former membership which they liked, while ditching the rest?

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Unlike the Westminster stance against Scotland, the EU accepted the UK wish to leave, put no obstacles in the way and cooperated on what Boris called “a fantastic deal”, part of which was giving up our right to swift and easy access to Europe.

Maybe they should just “suck it up”, but it seems the Leavers wanted “jam on both sides”!

L McGregor

SICK of hearing Tories and the BBC rarely, if ever, mentioning Brexit as the cause of so many problems in the health, hospitality and tourism sectors due to lack of staff.

Still Johnson prattles on proudly claiming the lowest unemployment achieved since god knows when under his watch, while ignoring the fact that his Brexit robbed these sectors of thousands of irreplaceable staff.

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Brexit done, aye that’ll be right! UK done good and proper more like!

The sole beneficiaries of Brexit are those avoiding tax by continuing to hide their considerable resources abroad thanks to Brexit.

And another thing: still the BBC and government continue to blame anyone but the government – in this case the French, for the current chaos at Dover.

UK citizens, or at least those foolish enough not to see the chaos coming, have been done again by their government and the folly of those who voted for Brexit!

Tom Gray

I AM 73 years young and chose to exercise my EU four freedoms and retire in Malta as a full Maltese resident with freedom of movement across all the EU states, travelling just with my biometric EU national ID card. I never thought I would return to my country of birth again as a Scottish passport holder.

Now I hope for the future of Scotland to be right up there with Scandinavia as one of the most modern democracies in Europe and a great wee country that I can continue to be so proud of.

Labour are hard Brexit now and give us a wonderful boost to end this rotten-to-the-core English “reserved powers of devolution” Brexit dictatorship over OUR COUNTRY. We must now give social democracy to the people who make us who we are. The people who are Scotland, whatever country they were born in, must be equal in the ability to obtain Scottish citizenship and a vote in our future after the qualifying residence and economic independence requirements most EU countries ask for when applying for citizenship.

Well done, Scotland. Together, we will become free of English Westminster rule, “Better Together” in the EU along with the soon-to-be unified republic of Ireland.

All pro-EU non-Scottish born are welcome to join us in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to do right for Scotland, the land of my birth, values and education.

Thomas Waller
via thenational.scot


“We’ve got our country back!! Yayyyy!!”

“Lets go to France on our holiday! Yayyyy!”

“Why am I sitting in a roasting car with screaming kids? I want on the ferry NOW!!”

“Bloody French, wanting to stamp our passports, WHY??”

“We drove straight through a few years back!!”


“Vous voulez que votre pays revienne – joyeux Brexit!!”

Iain McEwan