The National:

BREAKFAST of champions? For millionaire PM wannabe Rishi Sunak, it’s the humble Twix and can of Sprite – don’t say he’s not an everyman.

Keen to get the campaign journalists on side, what better than to send them his very own recipe for success, with a  free bottle of branded ‘Ready for Rishi, ready for sunshine’ suncream thrown in.

But alas, cost of living is biting after all, so this time the Sunday Times Rich List former Chancellor has had to downgrade to (gasp) a SINGLE Twix and a miniature can of Sprite – perhaps hoarded from first-class flights to America?  

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Look, he's not MADE of money, it's only a few mill in the bank and with inflation, a double Twix is up to 90p in Waitrose, where the Jouker is sure Sunak's family frequents.

When that very short-lived sugar rush subsides, the lucky people following Sunak around the country (rumour has it he fancies a trip to Scotland, with Darlington first on his list…) can lather themselves in factor 30 suncream, which provides "guaranteed protection against Labour".

As a man of the people, the bookies' second favourite for Bojo’s replacement – out of two candidates, ahem – even wrote a note to go alongside the GENEROUS gifts, with some ever witty observations.

"Looking forward to seeing you on the road", wrote Rishi, chewing thoughtfully on the end of his Hermes fountain pen the Jouker imagines.

“Just a little something to make sure you protect yourself in this hot weather. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone going red.” Enter guffaws as he signs off with a flourish.

Unfortunately, despite his title as fizzy drink maestro (Rishi loves COKE, er, um, Coca Cola), it seems that it will take more than a shared interest in pop to get the people on side as social media users slate the “cheapskate” offerings.

One critic wrote: “Guy's a zillionaire & they get a mini twix. Cheapskate.”

Another wrote: "Rishi Sunak voted not to feed vulnerable kids during a pandemic but he'll hand out snacks for a laugh during his leadership campaign"

Touche. And with Sunak keen to run the economy like Thatcher, under whom child poverty DOUBLED, it looks like there won’t be any Sprite, Twix and sun cream payouts to the general public anytime soon.