SCOTS have reacted in outrage after Tory leadership frontrunner Rishi Sunak pledged to “run the economy like Margaret Thatcher”.

The former chancellor’s pledge, which featured on the front page of Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph, came as he drew further parallels between himself and the long-serving prime minister.

Sunak said: “We will cut taxes and we will do it responsibly. That’s my economic approach. I would describe it as common-sense Thatcherism. I believe that’s what she would have done.”

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The Tory MP is seen as the frontrunner in the race to take over from Boris Johnson, with pundits saying the final two candidates will be Sunak vs another.

His pledge has been met with consternation north of the Border. SNP MSP Karen Adam wrote: “Thatcher, seriously?

“I was going to make a joke, but the memories of my mum ranting about everything Thatcher did came back fast. She would be livid.

“We are looking at Thatcher policies on steroids. Backwards-looking values which are now inflicting deadly damage soon to be worse.”

David Linden, the SNP MP for Glasgow East, shared the Telegraph front page asking: “Are you watching, Scotland?”

University of Glasgow academic Ewan Gibbs quipped: “I read this as ‘ruin the economy like Thatcher’ the first time.”

The Women for Independence campaign group wrote: “So Sunak wants to be the new Thatcher? Quelle surprise. Outside Tory Towers, we're more focused on staying alive in a country where many choose between food or fuel.

“They did this to us. #YouYesYet?”

Kirsten Oswald, the SNP's depute leader at Westminster, said the Tory candidates were all trying to "out-Thatcher Thatcher".

She said: “Be in no doubt: the only way for Scotland to rid itself of more toxic Tory austerity is by becoming an independent country.

“So far, we’ve seen candidates competing on who can out-Thatcher Thatcher – with Rishi Sunak going as far to say he will govern just like her. It's clear that this Tory race to the right will be devastating for Scotland.

“Whoever replaces Boris Johnson, Scotland will find itself - yet again - under the control of a Westminster Tory government it did not vote for, imposing cruel and callous policies we do not support.

The statement from Sunak is also not expected to go down well with Red Wall voters. Britain Elects pollster and data journalist Ben Walker wrote: “I don't think the Tory leadership candidates know the rest of the country can see this.”

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Karl Turner, the MP for Kingston upon Hull East, added: “People in East Hull still remember the legacy of what Thatcher did to communities like ours, they will never be forgiven for that. FACT.”

The number of MPs in the running to enter No 10 has been whittled down to eight after three failed to get the 20 endorsements required by Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, MPs will have a say in the first round of voting, which will see any candidates who fail to win 30 backers forced to drop out of the race. As it stands, Sunak is the leader in terms of MPs declared for him.