HASN’T Mr Lindsay Hoyle completely lost it? Whereas John Bercow managed to retain professional composure, wasn’t Hoyle’s handling of the Alba protest just redolent of him spitting out his dummy? (Well done to them by the way, we need more direct action like this).

But that’s fine. The most ineffective Speaker I can remember, he couldn’t even stop the clown PM from referring to the Scottish Nationalist (sic) Party. Clearly derogatory in parliamentary terms, Hoyle is just a passenger in the farce that is the House of Commons.

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Britain is a joke. It must be the laughing stock of the world. And the shambles betrays weakness, no doubt well-observed by the fascist Putin.

Let’s march in London, right at the heart of the British government. Let’s show them how wrong they are and demand our freedom.

The whole thing seems like Moses struggling to free the Jews from the grip of the autocratic Pharaoh. The UK is dragging Scotland down. We just gotta get out of this place.

Jim Taylor