I WAS tickled the other day by the Clown Prince’s statement that “Scottish independence would be utterly tragic for the whole world” if it caused the UK’s armed forces to be divided. Gosh. Not for the whole world, Bojo, only for England. The British Army subjugated Scotland in the 18th century, recruited Scots as cannon fodder (“tis little mischief if they fall,” mused General Wolfe as his tough Highlanders did the impossible by scaling The Heights of Abraham) and as Winston Churchill did by abandoning the 51st Highland Division at St Valery en Caux (where they still fly the Saltire every day).

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And so on, but the loss of a port-swilling, public-school officer class, in gold-braided dress uniforms – however devoted to their “Jocks” they claim to be – will not be “tragic” at all but a bloody good thing.

If the struggle for independence gets feisty, expect the British Army to do their “duty”. It’s a familiar story, and the history of the last hundred years shows us they/Britain always end up losing in the long run.

David Roche