“SUCK it up” – that is the Secretary of State for Scotland’s response to Deidre Brock at a Westminster committee meeting.

That says in one phrase what Boris Johnsons’ government thinks of Scotland and of devolution. They are ready to ride roughshod over anyone and anything in their way.

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In the meantime Murdo Fraser gives the game away on independence – the first truth I have heard from him about independence. England cannot afford to lose the riches of Scotland – imagine someone willing to give away all their country’s riches to another country to squander on things that don’t benefit your country (HS2, etc).

The UK takes everything and it might, just might give you enough to live on but don’t bank on it.

Scotland must wake up and not listen to the pathetic excuses coming forward against indy, and most importantly remember the lies we were told in 2014.

Winifred McCartney