I DESPAIR of the SNP MPs now complaining that they’ve been secretly recorded and that this has now been made public. They were recorded in a committee room in the Houses of Parliament – why would any of them not suspect something like this could happen? We are talking about the heart of the British establishment, where any SNP presence is merely tolerated. There could be any number of people involved in such a recording before you point the finger at an SNP MP or staffer.

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However, I am thoroughly disgusted by the MPs who are now running to the press saying its a disgrace they’ve been recorded and people have heard what they say when the door is normally closed – why? What have they got to hide? What else have they been discussing that would upset their constituents – all we know is that it’s certainly not independence!

Each and every single SNP MP complaining about the public now knowing what they said merely proves they’re not fit to represent anyone but their own self-interest! I would hope they reflect on that and stand down at the next election and maybe then we might get some MPs who do actually support and campaign for independence!

William Harvey